the most complete digital agro-analytics ecosystem in the market


Mobibuk S

Simple and multi-language technology for knowing the costs of the labor tasks by parcel. As well as time control and pest control.

Mobibuk Z

In addition to the advantages of Mobibuk S, you can know the individual performance of your workers.

Mobibuk Bitacora

Web application integrating more than 17 digital field-notebooks for logging key data about farms and parcels.


More than 3000 users and some of the most innovative agro companies in the world.
We have many years of experience in the market and account with users in Spain (including the Canary Islands) and in Latinamerica.
Mobibuk is translated into English and other major languages!

Agro technician
(Nijar, Almeria)
Labor officer
(Ingenio, Gran Canaria)
Data officer
(Carboneras, Almeria)


It summarizes in 9 intuitive actions our 5-year experience.

It is based on surveys to the most innovative farmers.

Actions: how to quantify labor, how to quantify costs,

how to register incidences or how to optimize time, among others.

Spectacular infographic with 11 pages in full color.

Give us your data and we'll send it to you completely free!


from the stars to the people

robonity is composed of a passionate, talented and tech-loving team of engineers and business people with a solid experience proved developing and commercializing our own disruptive technology. Our deam is to apply cutting-edge technology learned in space robotics (NASA, ESA, CSA) to solving the biggest needs of farmers (here on Earth).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 100%
Data Analytics (Big Data)100%
Mobile and Industrial Robotics 100%
Internet of Things (IoT) 100%


At robonity we put into practice our motto, from the stars to the people, not only innovating in disruptive technologies to make agriculture better, but we also participate in solidarity and inspiring actions to make society better...

Mobibuk Jobs

Free job exchange that allows our customers to hire agro workers quickly and directly.


our innovations appear in numerous international and national general media and in entrepreneurship-related media

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Roquetas de Mar
Almeria, Spain


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Theia rover on the Moon (collaboration with NASA)