"from the stars to the people"

Opportunity rover

Our founder and CEO, Ramon Gonzalez, always dreamed about taking advantage of the lessons he has learned in some of the most important engineering centers in the world (including a 3-year research position at MIT collaborating with several NASA centers, the US Army, and NATO), to help people and businesses in their everyday tasks. Our motto well summarizes this vision: from the stars to the people. We are so proud to provide our services to:


Our main strength is our experience, proven in
world-renowned engineering centers

  • Consultancy

    We are helping companies to define and improve their innovation strategy (i.e. market survey, technical analysis, and outline of R&D projects). We are also increasing their productivity and efficiency by reviewing their production system and solving their technical concerns.

  • Development

    We are applying our problem-solving experience and passion to inventing new ground-breaking services and products. We use state-of-the-art technologies: artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics.

  • Innovation


    We are constantly updating and extending our background with the cutting-edge technology that is being cooked by the leading tech hubs in the world today (e.g. Silicon Valley and Kendall Square).

  • Inspiring


    We are teaching tomorrow's tech to our undergraduate and graduate students today (e.g. mobile robotics, computer vision, machine learning). We also deliver inspiring talks at high schools.


Ramon Gonzalez leads the endeavor, but he is
supported by top experts in engineering and agriculture

  • Ramon is an authority on robotics and engineering whose skills have been demonstrated in some of the most important engineering centers in the world including a 3-year research position at MIT. In acknowledgement of his outstanding accomplishments, Ramon has received several awards, including the Gold Medal of Andalucia (2017). His main contributions lie in the areas of planetary surface exploration and agricultural autonomous systems. Ramon has also been a university professor in diverse engineering degrees and subjects. He holds a PhD in robotics and an engineering degree in computer science. Ramon's opinion and commentary is frequently broadcast by Spanish media. Website LinkedIn

  • Ramon




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